Gorilla USA

It was 1906. The Industrial Revolution had brought railroads, a new canal and a bustling new industry to the Blackstone Valley of Massachusetts. Within the thriving mill city of Worcester, steel, metal and wire industries employed over half of the residents who worked in the factories. This demanding work required a rugged and durable shoe that was virtually indestructible. That year in Worcester the Gorilla shoe was born. Over 100 years later, the American tradition of Brutally StrongTM Gorilla Footwear continues at our factory in the United States. In this factory, members of local union 1776 hand sew each shoe and boot with pride.

Gorilla Footwear is a brand registered over 100 years ago in 1906 where it became one of the initial classic "Made in USA" products originally manufactured in Worcester Massachusetts. This included the HH Brown developed King Kong® brand which began producing rugged "Gorilla Tough" boots in 1925.

Gorilla boots were distributed heavily in Japan and Canada through the mid 1990's, leading to an escalation to what can be described as cult status. The popularity of Gorilla in the European market is owned partly to an interest in traditional "Made in USA" brands also added to the growing resurgence and more recently Gorilla has made the transition to a fashion staple.