We sell our consulting expertise based on our experience,

history and successes - helping our customers along the way based on their unique needs...

We know that custom solutions yield the greatest competitive advantage and value for our clients and their brands. We tailor each solution to how our client’s organization actually works and their unique position in the marketplace.

TCK consists of former retail professionals with hands-on experience in design and marketing for multiple retail outlets. Consulting with TCK can bring a downto- earth, no nonsense approach to the increasing complexity of multi-channel options.

We will guide and advise on what will work, focusing on your brand and its objectives. Our knowledge of the market means we work with continually updated information, allowing us to propose new, accurate and innovative ideas for your brand’s channel strategy.

Why? Because we have done it many times; partnering with the following brands in retail, wholesale, or vertical channels:

J Crew: Consulted to develop their first athletic footwear line.

Perry Ellis: Consulted to re-introduce the brand Original Penguin

Nike: Consulted to provide feedback on consumer taste and trend reporting. Introduced new products into the marketplace. Pioneered new styles and ensured their success.

Our experience of working with these unique brands provides us a practical and pragmatic approach to the selection of the appropriate, reliable, socially responsible and cost effective solution for just about any challenge. Call and consult with us today!