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With roots in retail for decades, The Cobbler’s Kitchen is a uniquely global footwear consulting firm. Featuring a world-wide distribution business and partnership agreements connected to many major footwear brands, we indeed have a truly global mindset. It is reflected in all we do: at TCK, we work with each client/partner to produce unique footwear, reaching thousands of department stores and independent retailers throughout the world, helping our clients reach their full potential within our partnership, while facilitating a diverse and individually tailored brand program.

The firm’s international profile stretches back to its early days as a cutting edge retailer with its eye on the ever-changing, fast-paced consumer footwear needs and tastes. By the first decade of the new century, as globalization took hold, many of TCK’s clients had expanded into new markets, and they wanted us, as their consultants to expand with them. This grew into premier partnerships that include various need-based roles; as designer, licensor, licensee and retail supplier, which are structured according to a client’s individual needs and requirements. The growth of global challenges and emerging markets also have provided a much broader client base.

TCK’s global orientation is exemplified by its commitment to building a presence over the long term, often with strong well known brands... improving their bottom line, adding to their value, examining changing customer needs; knowing when to expand into new markets, how best to build a culture of innovation, increase profitability, identify cost-efficiencies and providing solutions to the mass, mid-tier, and specialty markets.

We are a dynamic, innovative advisory firm, bringing deep industry and functional expertise to the challenges our clients face. Our international growth story is about much more than the number of brands we’ve helped establish; it’s about how we expand them.

TCK’s global presence and mindset are reflected in the diverse range of work we do—both within and beyond the footwear world. We are trusted advisors to the most influential footwear companies around the globe, examples of which can be found on the pages of this site. We collaborate with them as partners to solve their most challenging issues, enabling them to sustain value by creating enduring brands. In doing so, we work globally in deep partnership with our clients, viewing their successes as our own. We create better outcomes than either of us could alone, bringing the best of TCK to every individual client and every individual challenge.

Our footwear designs can be found in hi-end, as well as mass market retailers such as Neiman Marcus, Barney’s New York, Nordstrom, Foot Locker, Payless, The Finish Line and Saks Fifth Avenue, just to name a few.

Our offices are headquartered in New York City, with branches in China, India, Indonesia, Vietnam and Brazil.


About Us